Electric Driver

Electric Driver is the current venture I am building out. During COVID lockdowns, I had some time to search for opportunities to pursue, and I came across several observations that led me to start Electric Driver. 

Incumbent car sites are good at helping shoppers who have a specific car in mind. However, through my research, I found that around 61% of car shoppers either do not have a particular vehicle in mind or are considering multiple cars. Thus, the undecided car shopper has a different shopping process that the incumbent car sites do not address.

Electric Cars made up 1.8% of total car sales in 2020. However, a combination of factors, including policies banning gas cars, car makers transitioning to EVs, and climate change risks, will drive electric vehicle growth. President Biden recently outlined targets for electric vehicles to reach 50% of total car sales by 2030.

I noticed the lack of information needed to help shoppers make the switch to electric cars. A third of shoppers cite a lack of information because they did not purchase an electric vehicle. Shoppers need to understand how electric vehicles can save time and money and reduce carbon emissions.

The last factor is shoppers make purchases to solve a problem they have. Car shoppers also make car purchases based on what matters most to them. For example, when my wife bought her electric car, she wanted a safe, reliable vehicle that would decrease her monthly fuel costs. Incumbent car sites do not let shoppers search for a car based on needs.

I built Electric Driver to take advantage of the trends mentioned above. The website aims to help undecided shoppers demystify, find and buy the right electric car.

Electric Driver does a few things differently to help the undecided shopper find the right electric vehicle.

What Makes Us Different

Electric Driver developed what we call needs-based search. Needs-based search allows shoppers to search for electric cars based on what matters to them. Electric Driver’s matching algorithm finds the vehicle models that most closely meet the shopper’s needs based on their criteria.

Another concept we took advantage of is comparisons. Shoppers typically make purchase decisions based on trade-offs between multiple options. We noticed some shoppers go as far as building spreadsheets to help them evaluate which car is the best fit. Electric Driver automated this concept for our shoppers by matching them with vehicles and showing them based on which vehicles are the best match. We further highlight the trade-offs the shopper will be making using objective data.

Demystifying electric cars is another focus. Electric car shoppers want to understand the benefits of electric vehicles. Unlike gas vehicles which have been around for over 100 years, electric cars are new. Shoppers don’t know what they don’t know. Electric Driver shows shoppers how an electric vehicle will help them save time, money and reduce carbon emissions. Our goal is to give shoppers confidence in making the switch from a gas to an electric car.

Electric Driver is in its infancy. Please visit our website and let us know how to help make your transition to an electric vehicle easier.

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