Vegetarian Wellness

Vegetarian Wellness was an e-commerce site I started from 2008 to 2012. As a vegetarian, I had difficulty finding vitamins and supplements solely sourced from plants. So I started a business to helps vegetarians buy plant-based vitamins and supplements. Unfortunately, unlike traditional medicines, the vitamin and supplement industry is unregulated. As a result, the vitamin and supplement industry lacks transparency, and it isn’t easy to find what products are plant-based. For example, Omega 3 can be plant or animal-based.

My solution was to create an online retailer that provides plant-based vitamins and education to vegetarians. As a result, Vegetarian Wellness sold over 700 vegetarian vitamins, supplements, and personal hygiene products.


When a person visited the Vegetarian Wellness home page, one of the first things they would see is vegetarian essentials. The vegetarian diet can be deficient in vitamins D, B-12, iron, calcium, and protein. Another feature we took pride in was our search and information queues. Some vegetarians are ok with milk and dairy, and others have religious restrictions such as kosher, limiting what supplements are safe to take. Our site had icons displayed next to each product to communicate what was inside each vitamin bottle quickly.
In addition, every order purchased through Vegetarian Wellness would automatically receive a Carbon Offset. We bought carbon credits that offset the carbon emissions generated to create and deliver every order to strive to be a carbon-neutral retailer.

Vegetarian Wellness homepage for the e-commerce retailer from 2009-2012

Product Detail Page

One of the product detail page highlights was a design that conveyed all the information a shopper would need on one screen. Our design eliminated the need to click on additional tabs or pages to get relevant product information. For example, most of our competitors had clunky designs where nutritional information/labels were unavailable or displayed in separate tabs. Vegetarian Wellness product page designs provide customers a holistic view on one screen. Also, we continue to use icons to convey dietary restrictions saving the user the time to scan labels to see if a product is gluten-free or vegan.

Vegetarian Wellness Detail Page

Affiliate Program

Starting Vegetarian Wellness cost me $10,000 to build. I wanted to partner with blogs to promote my site’s products but did not have the money to sign up with an affiliate program provider. So I built my affiliate solution with the help of my developer. Our affiliate program allowed partners to get paid for the traffic they sent Vegetarian Wellness as long as the customer purchased within 60 days.

Vegetarian Wellness Affiliate Page

Vegetarian Blog

Vegetarian Wellness focused traffic growth around evergreen organic sources. I ended up creating a blog to educate vegetarians on the benefits of herbs and vitamins. I used published research to support my blog posts and got first-page Google listings as a result. Even though I shut down Vegetarian Wellness in 2012, I recently decided to resurrect the blog to share content we created for vegetarians.

Vegetarian Wellness Blog from 2012.